Data and Discord Bot Improvements

One of my main projects that I have been working on is a TBA lookup bot that does some fun analysis, and pulls information faster than just looking up The Blue Alliance normally.

One of the newest things that has been cleaned up and added to that i'm pretty proud of for this bot on the Season Long Fantasy First Discord Server is the !info command which recently used the win rate data which I published on Chief Delphi.

The look up includes lifetime win rates and record stats, as well as new location information as well as consolidated links to the specified team's Blue Alliance page, as well as direct links to their performances for each event.

Some other interesting information from this specific data pull is pretty neat as well, and you can download all the information for yourself and look at some of these stats.

Brennan Bibic
Elgin Clock Winners!
Final scores.png

After a pretty grueling SLFF season The Breakfast Company has finally come out with a win! We ended up topping the charts in Regional, District, and District Championship events. 

See everyone for Championship drafts as we battle it our for the title of 2018 SLFF Champs.

I imagine TBC's celebration something like this...

I imagine TBC's celebration something like this...

Brennan Bibic
FRC 2018 Durham: Double Gold!

Pulled out the double win this past weekend with winning the event as well as the chairman's award!

Huge success for the team, we had some pretty good stats at the event as well! Hitting 9 cubes in the scale, or 9 in the switch. Looks like we are a very competitive robot this year!

Brennan Bibic
FRC 2018 Day 5: Drive Decisions

Starting off the blog a few days late, but here we go!

The majority of today was split off into two groups; one group making design decisions relating to the drive train, and one looking at furthering the intake prototypes.

The intake group was able to get a decent few revisions on possible intakes, though we are farther behind than I would like to be at this point in time. Trying different geometry and wheel types, it seems we have narrowed down our wheel choices and intake style quite a bit. Next step is to get some lazer cut prototypes on the test platform and see how the intake goes.


The other group blasted through a bunch of decisions relating to drive train. Gearboxes, optimal ratios, possible PTO's for climbing, drive orientation, and wheel type were all discussed pretty in depth. Every time you come close to a decision, there is another factor we had to consider, and it wasn't easy! There was talk about not using the kitbot for the 2018 season as well for the first time in W.A.F.F.L.E.S. History. Crazy times!

Eventually we did get to the bottom of the issues though, and started putting together a parts order list for the drive train components. 

Onwards to tomorrow!

FRC 2018Brennan Bibic
The Start


I wanted to start a new blog for new thoughts, and was inspired by JVN's Blog

Who knows where this will lead me, but perhaps it will give me the chance to share some of what I have learned over the years.

Brennan Bibic